DEOS Mission

DEOS is a real-time environmental data service provider for the state of Delaware and surrounding region. DEOS works closely with state and local government partners, private industry, and academic researchers to create environmental data solutions. DEOS provides high quality, reliable environmental data to the public, including value added products that meet specific sector needs. DEOS is an authority on environmental monitoring and data development applications in Delaware and as such, provides this expertise to the community at large.

Monitoring Solutions

DEOS operates a real-time environmental data network for Delaware and the surrounding region. This system consists of monitoring platforms maintained by DEOS and data from monitoring platforms maintained by reliable, third party sources. DEOS ensures the availability and quality of the data provided to the public from its own network for real-time and historical purposes. Data from third party resources are provided for real-time applications only and have little or no quality control performed on them.

Data Solutions

DEOS develops systems that provide the highest quality data possible from its own monitoring network. Utilizing this high quality data from its own resources and data from other high quality, reliable data providers, DEOS collaborates with partners to develop data (mainly web) applications that provide additional value to end users.


DEOS provides expertise in the area of environmental monitoring applications to state and local government agencies, private industry, and the general public as it pertains to the utility and availability of its environmental monitoring platforms and its data applications. DEOS serves the State of Delaware in an advisory role on matters pertaining to environmental monitoring, environmental data analysis, and environmental prediction. DEOS collaborates with the research community to develop new environmental data sets or new environmental data applications.