Major Applications

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Delaware Coastal Flood Monitoring System

The Delaware CFMS provides a real-time coastal flood monitoring and early warning system for Delaware's coastal communities. This tool displays inundation maps and elevation profiles along with major evacuation routes across Delaware using LiDAR data.

Delaware Irrigation Management System

DIMS is an online system designed to provide members of the Delaware agricultural community access to irrigation scheduling software that is streamlined and tailored to Delaware.

Water Quality Portal

The Water Quality Portal is a repository for data collected by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program. Information about water column nutrients, carbon and organics, and biochemical oxygen demand can be visualized and download.

geo GeoBrowser

This tool has been replaced by the Latests Conditions Page which is accessible via the Data Page.

Snow Monitoring

The DEOS snow monitoring page provides real-time snow accumulation data for 26 locations across Delaware. It also has an archive of past snow events and information on how the snow measurements are taken.