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Virginia Beach - 64 NM E of Virginia Beach, VA Station

Data Type Measurement Time Chart Data
Air Temperature 58.8 °F 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
Water Temperature 66.0 °F 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
Wave Height 2.4 ft 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
Dominant Wave Period 7.1 s 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
Barometric Pressure 30.40 inHg 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
Wind Speed 2.2 mph 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
Wind Gust 2.2 mph 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
Wind Direction 30.0 ° (NNE) 9:50 am [Chart] [Data]
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